Speaker System 2.0 Powered CA-2014
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Speaker System 2.0 Powered CA-2014

Minimum Order:  10 for schools & government only

Price conscious and don’t want to break the bank? Then the CA-2014 is a speaker system that's just what you’re looking for. Don’t let the fact that the set doesn’t have a subwoofer fool you; the CA-2014 speaker system is splendid when it comes to crisp audio output, and with easily accessible fingertip volume control and power button, audio control has never been easier. Enjoy clean design and clean sound with the CA-2014.

- On/off switch
- Volume control 
- Headphone output
- LED power indicator
- Magnetically shielded satellite speakers
- Cloth grill

Customer Testimony

Decatur ISD
Director of Technology
Troy Bagwell
eSchool News Feb 2014

“Using Texas Mac Repair has been a very convenient service for our district,” Bagwell said. “It has been very seamless for us.”


Audio Format: 2.0
Satellite Drivers: 2 X 1.5 in. high efficiency drivers
Satellite Dimensions: (H) 7 in. X (W) 3 in. X (D) 3.75 in.
Plug Type: Chrome, 3.5 mm plugs
Approx. Length: .
Power Cable: 6 ft.
Speaker to
Speaker Cable:
3 ft.
Input Cable: 4 ft.
On/Off: Yes
Volume: Yes
Headphone Output: Yes
Power Adapter: AC adapter included, UL/cUL approved

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Patrick 9/14/2012


I got these today and plug them to my mp3 player. Great sound and crisp music and no distortion. I noticed that the power indicator light keeps blinking and sometimes go out; otherwise it's a good product for the price.

Bill C. 11/11/2011


I bought a pair for Halloween 2011. I ran them on 6V using 4 D batteries. They sounded great for what I was doing.

Tom, Northern Virginia 3/4/2011


These speakers are such a HUGE improvement over the 20-year old speakers they're replacing. I'm noticing previously unnoticed subtleties in the sound of music CDs I've listened to for years with these speakers! I'm just delighted.

  • Item #: 2806
  • Manufacturer: Cyber Acoustics
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: CA-2014
  • Condition: New

Speaker System 2.0 Powered CA-2014

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