MacBook Pro Logic Board 15"-17" (Unibody)(Repair)
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30 days warranty

2008-2011 $499

2012-2013 $595

Parts & Labor Included - Drop off in Austin or "Just click add to cart" and "mail it in"

Free Return Shipping

 (If you need a Post Office label emailed to you to send the iPad to us simply ask in the note section during check out. Label Cost $16) 

Please Read Full Description Before ordering.

This repair is a vialble option for those on a tight budget or just looking to get another 1-2 years out of thier machine.

The service takes 5-7 days (10-14 days in rare cases).

You can opt for an express service option but due to the un known damage to the board the service time can vary.

The express service does get you moved to the front of the line.

Water damage machines are repairable.  Just keep in mind that there is sometimes more than just one part that may be damaged in a liquid spill.

  • Item #: 1760
  • Manufacturer: Texas Mac Repair
  • Condition: Refurbished

MacBook Pro Logic Board 15"-17" (Unibody)(Repair)

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