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For small corporations that visit our store & eStore and purchase + $5000.


1- You bought something and it does not work at home or you need help getting is set up?

Answer:  With iElite we will schedule you an appointment and move you in front of evryone else.  No questions asked and get right out to your place.

2- You bought something and after the 30 days expire you want to return it?

Answer:  No problem.  With iElite you can bring it back up to 60 days from the purchase date. This only applies to accessories and gadgets for Apple products and does not apply to machine sales or repairs.

3- You are upset, in a hurry, lost in what to do now?

Answer:  Come to our place and get an immediate free appointment with a Technician in our store.  No matter how busy we are we will take you aside and help you right away.


If you have made a larger purchase than $5,000 you can buy a higher level of our iElite Service.

Just search our estore for "iElite".

  • Item #: 2073
  • Manufacturer: Texas Mac Repair
  • Condition: New

iEliteCare Corporate - 1 Yr. Priority Service (Level 1)

Price: $299.99
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