Apple iPad Training Courses

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iPad Technician Training Overview

    Here is a basic overview of the iPad training sessions.

    1- The one day training class for entry level iPad 2 Glass and LCD repair is $1200 a day.  The first day also covers health and saftey cautions with working on iPads such as battery thermal fire precautions.

    2- A second day of training covers all the power buttons, volume buttons, home buttons, and head phone jacks.

    3- A third day covers a complete removal of all the components and allows for replacing the battery and other important components.

    All these training topics are critical to getting the most life out of the iPads.

    One of the most important elements in the training is the preservation of the iPad itself.

    We will train your technicians to avoid all the known pitfalls for causing further damage to an iPad and even how to avoid destroying the iPad when working on them.

    Cost Per technician

    1 Day $990 Health & Saftey & Covers Glass & LCD removal and repair

    2 Day $950 Covers most of the other buttons and cables.

    3 Days $900 Third day covers battery and logic board removal and other important repairs like the charger dock port.

    All training is extensive and hands on.  There is less focus on manuals in our training but instead on actual repairs. 

    We will also train the technicians how to order the correct parts from our estore and how to communicate correctly with the purchasing department to avoid buying the wrong parts and causing waste.

Customer Testimony

Decatur ISD
Director of Technology
Troy Bagwell
eSchool News Feb 2014

“Using Texas Mac Repair has been a very convenient service for our district,” Bagwell said. “It has been very seamless for us.”

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Apple iPad Technician Training Courses

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