Buy Sell Trade or Offer Up Your Apple MacBook Air MacBook Pro iPad iPhone Dell PC Laptops Desktop LCD Screen. Apple Cinema Display Scree. Send us your list.
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No Need To Checkout.  Instead Call, Chat, or eMail us your equipment list.  Thank you

 CALL A FRIENDLY TECH NOW for a Quote To Sell You Apple or PC Technology  512-837-7775 or email us.

 eMail us your list of equipment and we will get back to you within hours or days depending on the amount of equipment on your list.  If you have a contract or request to bid please email the file to us.


Buy Sell Trade or Offer Up Your Apple MacBook Air MacBook Pro iPad iPhone Dell PC Laptops Desktop LCD Screen.  Apple Cinema Display Scree.  Send us your list.  

Thank you :-)

Go with an experienced company when selling your old equipment or recycling your old technology. Apple Certified Technician.  Microsfot Renewed


Sell Your MacBook - iPad - iPhone or PC Technology


We even buy broken MacBook's, Chromebooks, and iPad's. We love broken glass and we even try to recycle the old parts.


DOD Secure Data Removal Service - Hard Drive & Chip Based SSD - iPad - Tablet data removal service available. Get real peace knowing your data was properly removed. Many institutions are required to meet the HIPPA erase standards set by the US government. The HIPPA standard requires at least a 3 way erase/write/erase of the hard drive or iPad data.

Apple and other companies push the encryption password restore removal services, but many companies and government agencies go beyond Apple and instead have the drives or iPads DOD level 3 or 7 erased. We offer both of those services.


Don't make the mistake that many schools, government, and companies are making and sell or dispose of your equipment to a recycler (certified or not) who does not actually do the DOD erasing of your orgizations critical data.


Over the last 4 years our company has found that over 90% of the recyclers that sell us equipment have NOT done the required DOD erasing of the hard drive as stated on the contract.


Our company can handle buying 5 Qty or 50,000 Qty in a mix or single lot.

Send us your inquiry today. In your email put: "Please send me a copy of your companies profile and resume and include your equipment list that you want to sell in the email".


Send us your equipment list or the spreadsheet of the equipment that you have to sell or recycle and we can get you a price in hrs. In most cases.


Why work with Texas Mac Repair?

1- We have been in the Apple industry for 15 years.  We know your Apple technology and so we can get the right price fast based upon the condition of the equipment. The right price can make a big difference. Our pricing on PC laptops and desktops is pretty good too.

2- Integrity - We are going to apply integrity to our decision making process. Not paying to much or to little. Recycling requires integrity.

3- We have the knowledge and ability to make getting rid of your equipment easy.

4- We can get you the right price based upon current market conditions.  The logistics is something we handle for you.

5- An Easy Transaction. We can come and get the equipment in most cases. Let us know how we can help.

6- Data- We use our advanced Government & Military Grade DOD erase technology to securely remove your data.

Get a Hard Drive or chip level SSD certification from us when we are done.

Contact: Asset Team: 512-332-0303

Texas Mac Repair - 7801 N Lamar Blvd. C-53 Austin, TX 78752



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Sell Your Apple MacBook Air MacBook Pro iPad iPhone Dell PC

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